Designing the Perfect Sunroom

As we do our best to stay toasty and withstand the cold winter weather months, now is the perfect time to prepare for enjoying the warmer spring and summer months to the fullest. A sunroom is a perfect space in the home to relax, unwind, and find tranquility with a good book and a glass of wine. You can use a savvy flooring selection to bring in an undeniable connection to nature and our Lake Forest Flooring showroom has the options that will complete this space with comfort and performance. Here are a few of our keys to designing the perfect sunroom.

Surfaces that Shine

Your sunroom is named as such for the large windows that let in an ample amount of sunrays for a room full of natural radiance. To play off this feature, lighter colored flooring options will make a sunroom feel brighter and more spacious. Consider light, airy hardwood species like oak as well as realistic laminate and LVT visuals, with brushed texture and matte finish for effortless, natural luxury. White, cream, beige, and greige stone and low-gloss tile flooring will also help illuminate your sunroom in the same fashion.

Natural Materials

We instantly feel closer to the great outdoors when we spend time in our sunroom, so it’s wise to foster this vibe with the flooring materials we choose. A wood-look visual full of texture or stone visual with striations and veining will pair perfectly with plants and other furnishings made of natural materials. Wicker, rattan, and woven furniture are not only trending this year, they are perfect pieces for sunroom serenity. For your textiles and pillows, sustainable materials like organic cotton and low-impact linen will complete the natural, reassuring aesthetic.

Vertical Gardens

Plants will enhance your sunroom in a multitude of ways: providing fresh air, lush color, and amazing fragrances, reducing carbon dioxide, and acting as natural humidifiers. In addition to adding larger potted plants and smaller table plants, we love vertical gardens for a luxurious living sunroom layout. A hardwood or LVT plank accent wall will not only add more rich texture to your sunroom but also offer reinforced support for the wall planters that comprise a vertical garden. These striking accent walls provide your sunroom with bold design focal points as well as valuable function.

Pet-Proof Flooring

For many pet owners, your favorite furry friends can often be found lounging indoors in the areas that receive warm sunshine. If you foresee your pets relaxing primarily in the sunroom, you may want to investigate flooring with superior water-resistance and scratch-resistance. This is especially a sound investment if your sunroom features the most commonly used entrance to the pool, patio, or backyard. If you aim to relax, you don’t want to worry about tracked-in dirt, mud, outdoor elements, spills, or wear-and-tear from claws. Engineered hardwood may strike the perfect balance of style, durability, and moisture resistance for your sunroom.

A thoughtfully designed sunroom helps you to truly maximize the space in your home and can completely transform the way that your family relaxes indoors. Visit our Lake Forest Flooring showroom in Greenville, SC—our flooring experts are ready to help you craft your new favorite room!