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Hardwood flooring is rich, warm, and inviting, making a distinctive statement in any room. With a vast range of natural variations in color, graining, and texture, every hardwood surface is unique. Hardwood also increases the value of your home. Real wood is very desirable to homeowners, and it only gets better with age and proper care. You can even install some hardwood flooring below grade, thanks to the innovation of engineered hardwood flooring. Discover solid and engineered hardwood with character, beauty, and style.

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At Lake Forest Flooring, we're ready to help you! We offer professional on-site measurement, floor removal, and skilled professional installation. Learn what to expect from your professional hardwood installation.

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To protect your hardwood flooring and preserve its natural beauty, there are a few steps you should take. Fortunately, they're simple, and your efforts will really pay off in the long run! Follow these easy tips from our experts.