Laminate is relatively easy to care for. Its unique construction gives it a glossy anti-wear top layer as well as a durable core, so it stands up to traffic and regular abuse. There are some necessary steps to take if you want it to look and perform its best, however.

Daily care 

Vacuum your laminate flooring regularly and dust mop to restore luster. Laminate is not waterproof so you may want to avoid wet mopping; if you choose to do so, dry it quickly before any damage occurs. Take care when using cleaning products and be sure to dry after use.

Preventative maintenance

Start by investing in doormats and placing them throughout your home. Encourage visitors to use them and to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your new flooring. You may also wish to place all furniture on furniture protectors and take extreme care when moving any heavy items across your flooring. Finally, consider investing in an area rug or two! Doing so will add style and color to any room while adding some protection to the flooring beneath it.

Dealing with spills 

Address liquid spills quickly to prevent your laminate from warping, which can happen when it experiences prolonged exposure to moisture. For more complex stains, such as wax and oil, you'll want to consult your manufacturer's care guidelines. Make sure you only use manufacturer-approved cleaning products as well!