COREtec Colorwall


All you love about COREtec “Original” luxury vinyl plank flooring has been curated into a special offering of 48 styles that are exclusively available at Shaw Flooring Network retailers.

Sensational, high-tech looks

Vinyl flooring offers several options when it comes to look, feel, and construction. At Lake Forest Flooring, we carry both sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl, the latter of which is available in both tile and plank forms. 

Today's vinyl flooring has a number of benefits. It's easy to clean, able to withstand heavy foot traffic while remaining flexible and comfortable underfoot, and is considerably more affordable as well as eco-friendly. Perhaps one of its most important benefits, though, is its ability to resist moisture and staining.

Luxury Vinyl flooring products | Lake Forest Flooring
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Luxury Vinyl flooring | Lake Forest Flooring

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Luxury Vinyl flooring | Lake Forest Flooring


Lake Forest Flooring offers professional on-site measurement, flooring removal, and skilled installation. We do it all to ensure your new vinyl flooring looks its very best. Learn more about the installation process now and know exactly what to expect!

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Vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to maintain. Better yet, it's waterproof and durable, too! However, it still requires a bit of routine maintenance to keep it looking its very best. Follow these simple tips from our experts!